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Why KB GlutaNAC is better than glutathione injectibles?

Why KB GlutaNAC is better than glutathione injectibles?
It is easy to assume that injecting glutathione is the best way to increase the glutathione levels in our body. By injecting glutathione intravenously, the master anti-oxidant goes directly into our bloodstream and doesn’t encounter the same problems as orally administered glutathione faces where most of it gets destroyed by stomach enzymes before it gets absorbed into our system.However, a better understanding of injecting glutathione and its immediate effects will make it easy for anyone to understand why glutathione injectibles may not be the best way to go when it comes to raising the glutathione levels in the body.

Allow us to start by explaining the benefits of injecting glutathione. The first would be that it goes directly into our bloodstream. Nice isn’t it. However, apart from this advantage, there hardly is any other significant advantages that can be mentioned from raising the glutathione levels through IV administration. As a matter of fact, everything about glutathione injectibles goes downhill from that point on.
One of the major drawbacks to glutathione injections is that it has a short halflife. Studies have shown that glutathione that is introduced into our system spend a considerably shorter time in our system compared to glutathione produced by our own bodies. While there isn’t an exact explanation for this phenomenon yet, evidence from the studies strongly suggest that our system doesn’t react well to glutathione that isn’t produced by our body.
While glutathione does increase our body’s glutathione levels after the initial injection, what alarmingly follows is what experts call a ‘glutathione crash’. After the initial spike of glutathione after the injection, the body’s glutathione levels falls after the initial high of the injection, sometimes even falling lower than the original glutathione levels in the body to begin with.
The studies indicate that in order to maintain the high levels of glutathione through injecting it into our system, one has to have ml of glutathione injected spread into a week. This means that with current standard vial contents of injectible glutathione, one has to have a vial of glutathione administered intravenously every other day. Considering the high cost of glutathione injectibles, not to mention the discomforts of the needle pricks and the ever present risk of getting infected, one may want consider other easier and more affordable ways to increase their glutathione levels.
Another weakness of injectible glutathione that although it does raise the glutathione in our blood serum, it does not raise the glutathione in our white blood cells where it can strengthen our immune system. So if you want to boost your immune system with glutathione, then injectible glutathione will not do it for you.
Glutathione also showed promise as a cure and prevention for degenerative brain diseases and conditions such as Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease, autism and dementia. However, as more recent studies indicate that injectible glutathione does not cross the blood/brain barrier where it can be therapeutically beneficial, administering glutathione intravenously was abandoned for this field of study.
Kyusoku Bihaku GlutaNAC with Vitamin C Rosehips holds a considerable advantage over injectible glutathione in view of all these drawbacks from administering glutathione intravenously. The unique and one of a kind composition of KB GlutaNAC encourages the body to produce its own glutathione effectively and efficiently while helping it retain the glutathione it produced at the longest possible time
The body produces glutathione by synthesizing the amino acids l-cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid, the three components of glutathione. Our bodies can only do this if it has all these three components available. The KB blend has and provides these three amino acids in free form (unlike the oral bonded type which gets easily destroyed by stomach acids) for easy absorption into our system.
Another ingredient in the unique KB formulation is the inclusion of N-acetylcysteine (NAC). Experts agree that NAC is the best glutathione booster (or precursor) of glutathione in the world today. It works by effectively encouraging the liver to produce more glutathione supply and with the amino acids for its production already available as provided by KB, our liver’s synthesis of glutathione is made even more efficient.
The Vitamin C Rosehips that is included in KB GlutaNAC pack is composed of all natural rosehips. Recent studies have shown that rosehips, apart from being a rich source of vitamin c, have also shown promise in treating and alleviating the pain associated with rheumatism. Vitamin C Rosehips complements the KB blend as vitamin c helps facilitate the synthesis of amino acids.
As KB is formulated to effectively and efficiently encourage our bodies to produce its own glutathione and retain it for a longer period, it is easy to see why supplementation with Kyusoku Bihaku GlutaNAC and Vitamin C Rosehips is better than getting a regular shot of IV glutathione. It is more convenient, economical and as supported by studies, is apparently more effective than injectible glutathione.
So before taking your next shot of glutathione, you may want to consider switching to KB GlutaNAC supplementation and if you know someone who is hooked on IV glutathione, show him/her this article. You will be helping them achieve their glutathione goals and at the same time you’ll be helping them switch to a much more safer and effective glutathione supplementation.

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